Leaders' Dialogue

The Smart Energy Leaders’ Dialogue (LD) is a forum for senior executives and decision-makers from the Canadian energy industry, government, and related sectors to formulate common understanding and develop critical insight on how we use, move and produce energy in communities across Canada with a focus on the development of Smart Energy Communities.

The LD takes a holistic view of Canadian energy infrastructure and acknowledges that different participants within the energy value chain start with different understandings, challenges, and opportunities. Members of the LD have regard for QUEST’s mission, vision, values, and undertake to draw on the QUEST principles to guide discussion and to maintain a balanced and informed perspective.

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Leaders' Dialogue Participants

Preliminary List (2018)

Mike Cleland, Leaders’ Dialogue Chair & Member of the QUEST Board of Directors


  1. Neetika Sathe, Director, Emerging Technologies, Alectra Utilities
  2. Wayne Stensby, Managing Director, Electricity, Global, ATCO
  3. Dean Reeve, Senior Vice President and General Manager, ATCO Gas Distribution, ATCO Gas
  4. Geoff Wright, Vice President, Market Research, Brookfield Renewable
  5. Doug Owens, Senior Director Strategic Development and Regulatory Affairs, Brookfield Residential
  6. Tim Egan, President and CEO, Canadian Gas Association
  7. Andrea Rochette, Founding President and CEO, Ecosystem
  8. Malini Giridhar, Vice President, Enbridge Gas Inc.
  9. Patrick Bohan, Director, Strategic Transactions, ENMAX
  10. Doug Stout, Vice President, Market Development & External Relations, FortisBC
  11. Peter Greg, President and CEO, Independent Electricity System Operator
  12. Subhi Alsayed, Vice President, Mattamy Homes
  13. Gaetan Thomas, President and CEO, NB Power
  14. Darryl Neate, Director, Sustainability, Oxford Properties
  15. Graham McTavish, Vice President, Power, Canada, Stantec
  16. Sarah Van Der Paelt, Director, Distribution Business Development and Strategic Accounts, Union Gas Inc.
  17. Lance Jeffries, Chief Electricity Distribution Officer, Hydro Ottawa
  18. Lucy Casacia, Vice President, Cities and Infrastructure Projects, Siemens


  1. Francis Bradley, Chief Operating Officer, Canadian Electricity Association
  2. Stephen MacDonald, CEO, EfficiencyOne
  3. André Bernier, Acting Director Generation, Electricity Branch, Natural Resources Canada
  4. Joyce Henry, Director General, Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada
  5. Laura Oleson, Director General, Natural Resources Canada
  6. Nathan Maycher, Director, Energy, Climate Change Policy & Strategy, Suncor Energy

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