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Eventbrite - High-Performance Profits: How Builders, Manufacturers and Service Providers Can Find Opportunity in the BC Energy Step Code

High-Performance Profits: How Builders, Manufacturers and Service Providers Can Find Opportunity in the BC Energy Step Code

Quality Inn, Abbotsford BC - November 28th, 2017, 9:00am - 4:00pm

This one-day workshop will help product manufacturers, and suppliers, local government representatives, finance, business associations, and educational institutions better understand and explore business opportunities in BC linked with the introduction of the BC Energy Step Code and the pathway to Net Zero Ready Construction.


9:00 Industry Trends | Panel Discussion

With the announcement of the Building Code targets of Net Zero Ready buildings by 2030 (Federal) and 2032 (BC) and the rollout of the new BC Energy Step Code, the building sector in BC is in a transformational phase. This opening panel will set the stage by addressing what the economic diversification benefits of the Step Code are while also improving the affordability of housing and increased trade opportunities.

Moderator: Robyn Wark, Team Lead Sustainable Communities, BC Hydro

Speakers: Mike Pistrin, Executive Director, Asset Strategies, BC Housing

Ryan Schmidt, Manager, Energy & Solid Waste, Township of Langley

10:00 Net Zero Ready Vision, the BC Energy Step Code, and Local Economic Opportunities | Keynote

BC is already a green building design and construction leader but the BC Energy Step Code is not just a new building standard, it’s a clean-commerce engine. If widely adopted, it will present new business-development opportunities while opening up the growing global market in energy-efficiency education, technology, and expertise.

Speaker: Assistant Deputy Minister Gregory Steves, Office of Housing and Construction Standards, Province of BC


10:30 Networking Break


10:45 Pick your Path | Breakout

As the BC Energy Step Code is rolled out across the province, new economic opportunities will arise and new standards will be expected of current suppliers in the industry. These changes offer strong opportunities for off-site manufacturing, process efficiency, quality control and working with wood product manufacturing. Explore the economic development opportunities associated with Net Zero Ready Buildings.

Design Solutions for Net Zero Ready Buildings: What are the most common challenges with building to Net-Zero specifications and how can builders get the performance they are looking for through building design? There are many ways to build a building to Net-Zero specifications, but they need to be cost competitive with traditional building design to become the new norm. What can be done to keep costs competitive?

Moderator: Brent Gilmour, Executive Director, QUEST
Speakers: Anton Van Dyk, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Centra Construction Group

Jonathan Zerkee, President, Sonbuilt Custom Homes

Zachary May, A/Director, Policy and Codes Development, Building and Safety Standards Branch, Province of BC

The Future of Walls: Using advanced wall systems requires a shift in design and materials, along with changes required for purchasing, training of subcontractors and quality control, framing systems, and additional details. Where are the barriers and opportunities for builders to consider advanced wall systems? What do builders/industry stakeholders consider as the biggest driver in the industry for high-performance walls?

Moderator: Josh Power, Community Energy Manager, Township of Langley
Speakers: Monty Chong-Walden, Founder & CEO, Calmura Natural Walls Inc.

Kevin Davis, Director of Sales, Quadlock
Peter Moonen, WoodWORKS/Canadian Wood Council

Optimizing Processes: A key ingredient in maintaining a cost competitive advanced product offering is optimizations of the design and build process. What are some new process techniques being implemented today to deliver advanced products at competitive rates? How might the BC Energy Step Code help or hinder the optimization of the design and build process and how can the different stakeholders respond to that?

Moderator: Rory Tooke, Community Energy Planner, City of Surrey
Speakers: Scott Sedam, President, TrueNorth Development

Nicholas Heap, Sustainability Project Manager, City of Richmond


11:45 The Step Code and Net Zero Market Transformation | Short Plenary

The Step Code allows for local governments to require or incentivize builders to meet a given step, or steps, of the BC Energy Step Code. Each step above Step 1 represents “better than code” energy-efficiency performance. To comply, a builder must demonstrate that their project meets established thresholds for heating demand, total energy demand, and airtightness. Hear from pioneers forging the path of Net Zero Ready Buildings.

Moderator: Zach May, A/Director, Policy and Codes Development, Building and Safety Standards Branch, Province of British Columbia
Speakers: Rory Tooke, Community Energy Planner, City of Surrey

Sam Afkhami, Building Performance Consultant, Stuart Olson Inc.
Nathan Stone, Managing Partner, Odessa Group


12:30 Lunch


1:30 Pick your Path | Breakout

The BC Energy Step code will help to drive market demand, affordability, and enhance local economies for a range of high-performance building products—such as better windows, new assembly techniques and products, and more energy-efficient equipment. Pick a path that will help you make the shift to Net Zero Ready Buildings.

Bridging the Builders Learning Curves: The Step Code shifts the residential construction industry from a perspective to a performance-based construction path. What tools and resources do builders need to make that transition and bridge that initial learning curve? What role can industry associations, utilities, educational institutions, financial institutions and other stakeholders play to support builders on their learning curve? What are the best opportunities to get trades, contractors, manufacturers engaged in the learning?

Moderator: Nathan Stone, Managing Partner, Odessa Group
Speakers: Bertine Stelzer, Program Manager, New Construction Market Transformation, BC Hydro

Vanessa Joehl, Director Environmental Programs, CHBA BC
Mary McWilliam, School of Construction and Environment, BCIT


Business Opportunities for the Retrofit Market: What are the current market drivers for retrofits? What opportunities do deep retrofits bring to the retrofit market? How can the BC Energy Step Code influence/drive high-performance retrofits?

Moderator: Barclay Pitkethly, Director of Regional Programs, Fraser Valley Regional District
Speakers: Jamie Gray-Donald, Vice President Sustainability, QuadReal Property Group

Steffen Trangeled, Energy Efficiency Engineer and Project Manager, SES Consulting

Sarah Rutherford, Senior Researcher, BC Housing


Where are the Jobs? Employment Opportunities Linked with High-Performance Buildings: What role does the BC Energy Step Code play in fuelling employment opportunities for the high=-performance building market in BC and Canada? Are there more jobs to be had due to municipalities adopting the BC Energy Step Code or is it just the same jobs redefined? How might that differ from the new construction and existing homes market? What additional training is needed? Will there be additional training needed by institutions, professional associations or companies themselves in order to ensure access to needed skill sets?

Moderator: Wendy Dupley, Director, City of Abbotsford Economic Development
Speakers: Tom-Pierre Frappe-Seneclauze, Senior Advisor, Buildings and Urban Solutions, Pembina

Mike Battistel, President, Cascadia Windows


2:30 Networking Break


2:45 The Future is Now | Short Plenary

The future isn’t so far away. In order to reach the goals and commitments set out by the Federal and Provincial Government, we are going to have to make the transition to Net Zero Ready Buildings now. Hear from the leaders building for the future.

Moderator: Jason Wolfe, Director Energy Solutions, FortisBC
Speakers: Jen Hancock, Director Innovative Construction, Chandos Construction

Bob Deeks, President, RDC Fine Homes


3:30 What’s Next? | Closing Remarks

The BC Energy Step Code could potentially serve as a model approach to reach the outcomes local governments, provinces, and territories, and the Government of Canada are striving for, while also yielding plenty of Smart Energy Communities along the way. So what’s next?

Speaker: Mayor Henry Braun of Abbotsford


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Eventbrite - High-Performance Profits: How Builders, Manufacturers and Service Providers Can Find Opportunity in the BC Energy Step Code


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