ECOP Training Modules and Resources

ECOP Training Modules and Resources

The Ontario Energy Community of Practice (ECOP) initiative has developed resources, including four Training Modules and a set of video presentations, to support community energy planning activities in Ontario. These resources are designed to serve the needs of municipalities across Ontario and support development and implementation of Community Energy Plans (CEPs). These resources were tested and refined with feedback from stakeholders in the GTA North regional planning area.
ECOP Symposium
In September 2015, the ECOP initiative hosted a Symposium in Markham, Ontario. The objective of the Symposium was to present and obtain feedback on the ECOP Training Modules. . This report contains an overview of the Symposium proceedings, including a project summary, notes from guest presentations and a summary of the facilitated roundtable discussions.
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Training Modules

The following ECOP Training Modules are provided in PowerPoint format, giving you the flexibility to use and modify the content according to your specific needs. The content of the modules is catered to the project’s two target stakeholder groups – municipalities and utilities – however they may be useful to a variety of community stakeholders interested in supporting and engaging in community energy planning.
Module 1: Community Energy Planning Benefits and Applications
Module 1 provides information on the rationale for why a municipality would engage in community energy planning, the benefits that can result from developing and implementing a Community Energy Plan (CEP) and how CEPs can support other municipal priorities.
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Module 2: Community Energy Planning within the Broader Provincial Energy Planning Framework
Module 2 focuses on the relationship between the IESO’s regional planning process and community energy planning. This module delves into the regional planning process and examines the electricity planning landscape including key actors and policy considerations.
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Module 3: Community Energy Plan Implementation

Module 3 includes insights from the Community Energy Planning: Getting to Implementation in Canada initiative being led by the Community Energy Association, QUEST and the Smart Prosperity Institute. It examines key success factors and challenges for CEP implementation and includes information about how municipal planning tools can be leveraged to support CEP implementation.
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Module 4: Community Energy in Action
Module 4 showcases key features of some of the most successful community energy projects in action across Canada. The module is intended to guide your community toward an implementation-focused conversation on energy.

Additional Resources

The Economics of Energy Use
Presentation by Jamie Skimming, Air Quality Manager, City of London
Update on Active IRRPs
Presentation by Julia McNally, Director, Strategic Engagement & Innovation, IESO
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External Stakeholder Identification and Engagement
Presentation by Jennifer Wong, Sustainability Services Coordinator, City of Markham
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CEP Actions Identification, Selection and Accountability
Presentation by Lynn Robichaud, Senior Sustainability Coordinator, City of Burlington
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Implementing a CEP: Many Hands Make Light Work 
Presentation by Alex Chapman, Program Manager, Energy, City of Guelph 
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