Getting to Implementation

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About the Initiative

Communities have a key role to play in energy. More than 200 communities in Canada, representing over 50 percent of the population, have a Community Energy Plan (CEP). A CEP is a tool that defines community priorities around energy with a view to improving efficiency, cutting greenhouse gas emissions, and driving economic development. While many communities in Canada are advancing CEPs to define priorities around energy, all communities need help getting from plans and ideas to implementation.

Project Objectives

The Getting to Implementation Initiative successfully:

  • Identified the challenges and success factors for CEP implementation in Canada
  • Defined business models for government staff, utilities, the real estate sector and other community stakeholders involved in implementing CEPs
  • Built the capacity of CEP practitioners to implement CEPs collaboratively and effectively
  • Built a community of practice focused on enhancing collaboration and mining the collective intelligence of the early adopters of CEPs in Canada
More Information

To learn more and access GTI resources visit the project website www.gettingtoimplementation.ca

GTI resources are also available in French at www.miseenoeuvre.ca

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