Atlantic Canada Energy Data Roadmap

About the Project

  • Who owns energy consumption data?
  • Who wants access to energy consumption data?
  • How should energy consumption data sharing be regulated?
  • What are the expected technological innovations as a result of sharing energy consumption data?

A Roadmap for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Opportunity Identification and Measurement in Atlantic Canada (Atlantic Canada Energy Data Roadmap) will examine these important questions and identify regional opportunities and barriers to obtaining energy consumption data for the reporting of GHG emissions to support better public policy development, research advances, and new technology and business opportunities in Atlantic Canada. 

Project Partners

The Atlantic Canada Data Roadmap is being spearheaded by QUEST – Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow, Envigour Policy Consulting, and Spatial Quest Solutions in collaboration with the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

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Download the Stakeholder Consultation Backgrounder English | French

Stakeholder consultation is ongoing in Atlantic Canada.

Past events include:

June 6 | New Brunswick Energy Data Forum, Saint John, NB
June 23 | Nova Scotia Energy Data Forum, Halifax, NS
June 27-28 | Newfoundland and Labrador Energy Forum, St. John's, NL

September 13 | Prince Edward Island Energy Data Forum, Stratford, PEI
September 14 | Energy Data Opportunities Workshop, Fredericton, NB
September 18 | Technical Workshop, Halifax, NS

Project Briefing 

10/19/2017 - Briefing Note on the NB Opportunities Forum
09/26/2017 - Briefing Note on the UK Energy Data Approach
09/19/2017 - Briefing Note on the Green Button Standard
08/24/2017 - Briefing Note on Energy & GHG Data Gaps
07/24/2017 - Roadmap Update
06/02/2017 - New Brunswick Data Forum

Please contact Samantha at [email protected] for more information on this project.