Resource Hub

Welcome to the QUEST Resource Hub

The Resource Hub is the go-to repository for leading research and market intelligence on Smart Energy Communities in Canada.

What is the Smart Energy Atlas?

The Smart Energy Atlas is an online repository of smart energy projects, policies, programs, plans, and resources in Canada. It is free, accessible, interactive, and searchable - and you can even submit your own entry!


How to Use the Smart Energy Atlas

The Smart Energy Atlas is a great tool for both targeted searches and browsing.

Use the checkboxes to search by Projects, Policies, Programs, Plans, or Resources that are represented by balloons of varying colours. Break your search down further by project status, scale, energy type, location, sector, and year or use keywords in the search bar.

Be sure to zoom in, as balloons can be concentrated in cities.

Submit your smart energy project, policies, program, plan, or resource to the Atlas today!

Contact us with your questions about the QUEST Resource Hub or Smart Energy Atlas.