Subscriber PLUS

PLUS-level Subscriber Services come with all the benefits of regular Subscriber Services in addition to the special benefits of:

  • Exclusive membership on the Smart Energy Leaders’ Dialogue
  • Capacity to develop collaborative messaging that can support the activities of your organization
  • Automatic recognition as a supporter of the annual QUEST Conference & Tradeshow
  • Ability to request a customized package of benefits from QUEST’s products and services offering
  • Prominent recognition in the Smart Energy Communities Catalogue 
  • Logo recognition in all QUEST events, publications, and on the website

The Smart Energy Leaders’ Dialogue is an opportunity reserved for PLUS-level Subscribers to join senior executives from the Canadian energy industry, government and related sectors to align priorities, formulate common positions, and develop collaborative messaging that supports mutual goals for the advancement of Smart Energy Communities.

For a listing of current Leaders’ Dialogue participants, click here.

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