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Aalto Inc. Over 20 years experience importing/servicing FLOW and THERMAL ENERGY (BTU) metering systems.
AB has been operating for over 30 years in the field of cogeneration and the promotion of energy from renewable sources. AB is currently made up of 24 companies, over 700 employees and  1150 plant managed. AB is leader in Italy and is also expanding in Spain, Romania, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Austria, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Canada, USA, Israel, Germany, Russia and Mexico.

BRUGG Pipesystems – System Expertise That Goes One Step Further

BRUGG Pipesystems develops and markets efficient and reliable systems to transport fluids, gases and heat. 
Our activities focus on several areas: Local and District Heating/District Cooling, Industry, Filling Stations and System Packages for applications in the renewable energy sector.


We are distributors for Tecogen induction (60 & 75 kW) and inverter based ( 10kW-125kw output), modular Combined Heat and Power units.
We also carry MAN based synchronous units with output from 55kW-550kW and offer maintenance programs for both lines.
Isonor is the Canadian distributor of Uponor’s Ecoflex® pre-insulated piping systems maintaining a full inventory of twin and single, hePEX, aquaPEX and HDPE 1” to 4” layered with PEX foam in a flexible, waterproof HDPE jacket.  Full coils, custom lengths or configurations, fittings and heat trace are all available.  Isonor also provides assistance with technical data, project design and training.
isoplus supplies complete pre-insulated piping systems for district energy.
High-technology production methods secure a constant low heat-loss throughout the entire lifespan of your piping systems.
We have the largest product portfolio in the industry, including pre-insulated rigid steel piping and flexible piping systems.
  Magnolia Generation designs, builds, owns, operates and maintains Combined Heat & emergency Power (CHeP) Systems for Multi-unit Residential Buildings (MURBs), industrial, institutional, municipal, and commercial buildings under customized Energy Supply Agreements. Magnolia’s dedicated team and partners, including ES Fox can ensure cost certainty, reliability and performance for long term operation.
whatIf? Technologies provides models for energy, emissions, and financial planning that are used for scenario and policy analysis support to communities, large and small. We are co-developers of the CityInSight model – launched in 2015 at the Paris COP21 meeting – now used by Canadian municipalities. At the provincial and national scale, we operate the Canadian Energy Systems Simulator (CanESS), a multi-sector, multi-fuel model energy supply and demand model.




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