Biomass North Development Centre

Bioheat Opportunities in Rural and Remote Communities Workshop

When Biomass North was tasked with delivering a workshop to educate Northern Ontario stakeholders on bioheat opportunities for rural and remote communities, it thought of QUEST when it came to educating stakeholders on the importance of Community Energy Planning.

The event was designed to provide a better understanding of the value proposition of sustainable bioenergy, and the unique social and environmental benefits it can bring to communities as well as the economic dividends it yields. The QUEST portion of the workshop informed participants about why Community Energy Planning is an important tool to develop a strategic approach to energy planning, and where bioenergy fits in. QUEST delivered a table-top mapping component that helped participants better understand how to identify local energy resources and GHG emission reduction opportunities.
“QUEST brought concrete and interactive tools and knowledge that proved invaluable for communities in the north in the development of their community energy plans. Their mapping exercise facilitated conversations between different stakeholder groups that may not have happened otherwise.”
Francis Gallo
Project Director
Biomass North Development Centre