Energy Mapping Workshops

An integrated approach to community energy planning is needed by governments,
utilities, and the building sector to achieve a sustainable energy future - a future with lower
energy costs, reduced GHG emissions, enhanced economic development, and greater resiliency


QUEST’s proprietary Energy Mapping Workshops bring the right stakeholders together for an engaging, hands-on approach to community energy planning. Community energy planning is recognized across Canada as an effective pathway to Smart Energy Communities. It provides a platform for multiple stakeholder groups to convene, coordinate, and implement innovative community energy projects and programs, resulting in more energy efficient, resilient and vibrant communities.

Who Benefits

What We Offer

QUEST’s energy mapping workshops can be customized for a variety of audiences with a wide range of expertise and can be designed to focus on developing energy literacy, strengthening energy planning alignment amongst stakeholders, or defining energy priorities for:

  • Governments (municipal, provincial/territorial and federal)
  • Utilities
  • The building sector
  • Professional associations
  • Local non-profits
  • Energy service providers
  • The public

QUEST specializes in the development of energy mapping workshops focused on educating and inspiring participants to take an integrated, systems-thinking approach to community energy planning. QUEST delivers workshops focused on:

  • Envisioning the future of energy production, delivery and end use in communities
  • Educating and building the capacity of emerging energy practitioners to implement community energy projects and programs
  • Enabling collaboration among key stakeholders to inform a community energy plan and identify local projects


Biomass North Development Centre

When Biomass North was tasked with delivering a workshop to educate Northern Ontario stakeholders on bioheat opportunities for rural and remote communities, it thought of QUEST when it came to educating stakeholders on the importance of Community Energy Planning....

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