Custom Services

Technology disruptors, extreme weather events, and a changing policy
 landscape are just some of the fundamental changes in the energy sector
that present unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Our Custom Services
are designed to help you navigate the Smart Energy Communities marketplace.

Retainer Services

The successful implementation of Smart Energy Communities on any scale requires an integrated approach on both the policy side and the technical side. QUEST has pioneered this approach and developed a set of comprehensive policy and technical principles.

We have an experienced multidisciplinary team with over 50 years of combined specialized knowledge in engagement strategies, decision-support processes, and tools designed to advance Smart Energy Communities. Build your custom support package based on the following offerings:

  • Strategic operations
  • Planning facilitation & alignment
  • Land use planning
  • Decision-support processes
  • Community consultation & engagement
  • Public policy development
  • Public infrastructure investment
  • Report research and creation
  • Communications including briefing materials, opportunity summaries, and issue summaries

Group Facilitation

Through our experience providing working group management support for the operation of regional and national Smart Energy Community networks, we create environments where people and organizations know that they have been listened to and can learn from one another, while also remaining an objective convener. 

This service benefits working groups, task forces, and communities of practice consisting of all levels of government, utilities, the building sector and other stakeholder groups engaged in energy at the community level.

Project Management

  • Terms of Reference and work plans
  • Meeting & task coordination
  • Communications - listserves, web pages, and other communications tools and visual materials, contact management

Events & Meetings

  • Content development
  • Agendas and programming
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Summary reports and follow-up

To learn more about our services and pricing contact us at [email protected] or call (866) 494-2770 ext 701