Community Energy Planning Support

Become one of the many communities realizing significant economic, environmental,
health, and socioeconomic benefits from implementing their Community Energy Plans

QUEST supports clients to enable Community Energy Plan (CEP) implementation. Our staff and Senior Associates draw on decades of experience and a vast network of community energy planning practitioners to bring your CEP to life.

The successful implementation of CEPs requires the participation of a wide range of community stakeholders. QUEST offers CEP implementation support to all stakeholders engaged in the CEP development and execution, including governments (municipal, provincial/territorial and federal), utilities (gas, electric, thermal and water) product and service providers, and the development community (owners, operators, and builders).

What We Offer

CEP Preparation Phase Services
  • Municipal readiness assessments  (e.g., administering QUEST’s protocol for CEP implementation to generate an assessment and/or next steps report)
  • Independent verification of CEPs and their supporting technical materials (e.g., energy maps, procurement instruments)
  • Utility and product and service provider market validation of CEP services (e.g., evaluation of business platform or product optimization for the CEP marketplace)
CEP Implementation Services
  • Planning alignment services to integrate plans and processes of CEP enabling and implementing stakeholders to coordinate objectives and accelerate implementation
  • Tailored engagement practices that allow all voices to be heard and engaged to ensure implementation is realized for a  CEP (e.g., decision support processes)

With QUEST’s support, the City of Campbell River has been able put some of the key pieces in place to support the long-term implementation of our Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP). QUEST helped us to rethink the value proposition of our CEEP and helped to foster the internal alignment and buy-in we needed to implement the energy measures identified in the plan.

-Marianne Wade, Development Services Manager, City of Campbell River

To learn more about our services and pricing contact us at [email protected] or call (866) 494-2770 ext 701