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Smart Energy Communities marketplace

Energy Mapping Workshops

Community Energy Planning Support

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Smart Energy Communities benefit from improved energy efficiency, enhanced reliability, lower costs, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. As an influencer, connector, and educator, QUEST supports governments, utilities & energy providers, the real-estate sector, and solution providers to grow the Smart Energy Communities marketplace.

Our advisory services fall into three categories: Energy Mapping Workshops, Community Energy Planning Support, and Custom Services. All of our services are customizable and designed to help you evolve your business model to succeed in the Smart Energy Communities marketplace. We have a seasoned, experienced, and multi-disciplinary team with over 50 years of combined specialized knowledge in:

Community Engagement & Community Energy Planning

Convening & Partnership

Policy & Decision Support      

  • Community consultation & engagement
  • Community Energy Planning and Implementation Support
  • Planning facilitation & alignment
  • Registered professional planning services
  • Decision support processes
  • Strategic operations
  • Delivering workshops & providing managing operation of regional and national network
  • Creating environments where people organizations know that they have been listened to and can learn from one another while remaining an objective convener
  • Collaborative partnership building
  • Energy policy & data
  • Land use planning
  • Providing decision-support processes & tools
  • Corporate strategies for policy development 
  • Report research and creation
  • Public infrastructure investment
  • Project Management
  • Community energy metrics, indicators and measurements, and target setting and monitoring

*QUEST does not develop Community Energy Plans or their related technical reports. Our Advisory services are designed to support our Subscribers and stakeholders to benefit from the Smart Energy Communities marketplace. 

To learn more about our services and pricing contact us at [email protected] or call (866) 494-2770 ext 701