Advisory Services

QUEST Advisory Services


QUEST offers a suite of trusted and independent advisory services to support and grow the Smart Energy Communities marketplace, which include:

  • Energy Mapping Workshops and Charrettes

    • QUEST delivers interactive workshops and charrettes that can be customized to engage a wide variety of participants to identify stakeholder perspectives on community energy, to support the visualization of energy use in a community, and to enhance energy literacy. Learn more here.

  • Community Energy Plan Implementation Support

    • QUEST works with local governments, gas, electricity and thermal utilities, and the real estate sector including owners, operators, and builders to understand how to implement the actions identified in a Community Energy Plan.* Learn more here.

  • Secretariat and Facilitator Support

    • QUEST offers secretariat and facilitation support that enables outcome-oriented collaboration among energy practitioners, including managing working groups, task forces, industry or non-profit programs, and/or communities of practice. Learn more here.


QUEST Subscribers benefit from a preferred discount on all offerings. Advisory Services are limited to the above offerings and are offered through the combined experience and expertise of QUEST staff and QUEST Senior Associates.


*QUEST does not develop Community Energy Plans and their related technical reports and GIS mapping.


Interested to learn more? Contact Sarah Marchionda at [email protected]