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2018 Dream Team

There has never been a more exciting time for QUEST. 

Several years back we established our vision that every Canadian community will be a Smart Energy Community by 2030. That date is creeping up fast, but our goal is looking more achievable than ever.

Why is that? In the past year, a significant and growing number of the various players in Canada’s energy ecosystem have embraced the Smart Energy Community marketplace. More than 400 communities—which together represent more than 50 percent of Canada’s population—are now in the smart-energy club.

For QUEST, this impressive growth means new opportunities and new challenges. We need to ensure we are well-positioned to tackle these challenges and take full advantage of emerging opportunities.

That’s why today I am implementing a number of staff changes, as outlined below. These changes, effective immediately, will better position us to help governments identify and lower barriers, help utilities adapt to change, and help companies identify and leverage emerging opportunities in the Smart Energy Communities marketplace. 

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to QUEST’s 2018 dream team:

We will continue to build out the QUEST team over the coming months as we position the organization to deliver on our vision.

Please join me in congratulating everyone on their new responsibilities.


Brent Gilmour MCIP RPP
Executive Director


Senior Management

Tonja Leach is now Managing Director, Operations & Services. In her new role, Tonja oversees strategic planning and the organization’s day-to-day management. She also oversees administrative and financial systems, including finance, accounting, information technology, human resources, communications, and physical infrastructure.
Helen Platis,  who joined QUEST this past fall, is continuing as the Director, Client Services. She meets the needs of our existing and new subscribers, and acts as the first point of contact for those interested in learning more about our service offerings.
Ericka Wicks, who joined QUEST in January, is continuing as Director, Projects and Advisory Services. She oversees the development, management, delivery, and strategic growth of projects, including research, and advisory services. She also oversees our senior associates.


Cheryl Ratchford is now Senior Lead, Marketing and Communications. She is in charge of the Smart Energy Communities story and stewards the QUEST brand, as manifest in all our media and across all our channels.
Michael Lee is now Senior Lead, Analytics & Services. He gleans valuable business insights from pools of raw data and defines and reports on metrics. He also helps develop and deliver projects, research, advisory services, operates QUEST working groups, task forces and other bodies, and develops financial reporting materials.
Eddie Oldfield is now Senior Lead, Projects & Advisory Services. Eddie will continue to coordinate activities and conduct research in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. He will also support the development and delivery of projects and advisory services, and support business and subscriber development.
Alex Benzie is now the Senior Lead, Central Services. Alex will continue to be the point of contact for Ontario in addition to coordinating the Community Energy Planning Implementation Network in Ontario and supporting the Ontario Combined Heat & Power Consortium. She also leads national and regional projects.
M. Samantha Peverill is now the Senior Lead, Atlantic Services. Samantha will continue to coordinate the QUEST NS Network and related Working Groups and will support the delivery of Project and Subscriber Markets. She’ll play an integral role in coordinating activities across Atlantic Canada.
Julie Bunker has just joined QUEST as Senior Lead, Western Services. She is responsible for developing and delivering project and advisory services, delivering subscriber services and programming, and ensuring the smooth operation of QUEST working groups, task forces and other bodies. She also supports business and subscriber development in the west.

New Additions to Senior Associates

René Drolet, with René Drolet Consulting, has joined QUEST as a Senior Associate offering expertise in Indigenous and government relations, and policy development and analysis. 
Alan Rebane, with Rebane Group Inc., has joined QUEST as a Senior Associate offering expertise in community resilience and emergency management planning.

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