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Six Best in Class Communities Selected to Pilot the Smart Energy Communities Scorecard


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March 14, 2018. Today, QUEST and Pollution Probe are delighted to announce the pilot communities selected to participate in the development of the Smart Energy Communities Scorecard. 

The communities are Bridgewater, Nova Scotia; Calgary, Alberta; Grande Prairie, Alberta; Inuvik, Northwest Territories, London, Ontario; and, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

The Scorecard will be the first tool of its kind to evaluate and benchmark the progress of Smart Energy Communities in Canada with a focus on the policies and processes of local governments, utilities and the real-estate sector.  It will offer multiple sectors in a community with a roadmap to transition to Smart Energy Communities and evaluate their progress along the way. Smart Energy Communities improve energy efficiency, enhance reliability, cut costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Scorecard initiative will establish a:

  • Standard set of key policy and process indicators that define the pathways to Smart Energy Communities
  • Methodology to evaluate how multiple sectors in a community are contributing to Smart Energy Communities
  • Scorecard Report that profiles the scores of the six pilot communities, and the methodology for evaluating Smart Energy Communities
  • Web-based dashboard that illustrates a roadmap for action for the featured communities, to advance along the pathway to becoming a Smart Energy Community
The Scorecard is being developed in consultation with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and with support from ACEEE - American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

Leadership in community energy planning, geographic representation, and community size were all taken into consideration when selecting the pilot communities.

To learn more about these communities and the Smart Energy Communities Scorecard visit: www.questcanada.org/scorecard

Brent Gilmour
Executive Director


“The role of communities is paramount for achieving Canada’s climate change objectives, while also enhancing local economic competitiveness and resilience. The Smart Energy Communities Scorecard is the tool that will help local governments, businesses, utilities, and others measure progress and reach their goals together.” ~Brent Gilmour


Richard Carlson
Director, Energy Exchange and Energy Policy
Pollution Probe

”Communities will be crucial in the transition to a low-carbon economy. The Smart Energy Communities Scorecard initiative will help communities make this transition by providing best practices and examples. Pollution Probe is excited to be involved in this initiative.” ~Richard Carlson


Mayor David Mitchell
Town of Bridgewater
Nova Scotia

“The Town of Bridgewater, through programs like Energize Bridgewater, is joining the ranks of leading municipalities in committing to growing a smart energy economy. QUEST’s Smart Energy Communities Scorecard will help us accelerate that transition.” ~ Mayor David Mitchell


Mayor Naheed Nenshi
City of Calgary

“The City of Calgary is committed to increasing our climate resilience by mitigating the risk of climate change impacts and by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. We are very pleased to participate in the QUEST scorecard project to improve the ability of cities across Canada to monitor our progress towards our shared climate change goals, as well as learning from best practices across the country.” ~Mayor Naheed Nenshi


Mayor Bill Given
City of Grande Prarie

"The City of Grande Prairie is in the early stages of developing a community energy strategy and we are pleased to participate in the Smart Energy Communities Scorecard Pilot Project. This will help us gain a better understanding of how our current projects, such as adding 10 electric buses to our transit fleet, connect to the principles of a smart energy community." ~ Mayor Bill Given


Mayor Jim McDonald
Town of Inuvik
Northwest Territories


“Communities are at the forefront of the transition to a low carbon economy and the Smart Energy Communities Scorecard will aid communities across Canada by evaluating and benchmarking their progress. We are excited to be a part of shaping this new tool.” ~ Mayor Jim McDonald


Mayor Matt Brown
City of London


“London is a leader in energy planning and action. It’s our priority to be as green as possible because we know we need to think of the future of our planet. For every percentage point we reduce our energy use, $12-million stays in London and can be used for other needs. The Smart Energy Communities Scorecard is a major step to help us and other cities go greener and cut costs.” ~Mayor Matt Brown


Mayor Mark Heyck
City of Yellowknife
Northwest Territories


“As outlined in the City of Yellowknife’s Corporate and Community Energy Plan (2015-2025) we are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing the share of renewable energy use and lowering energy costs. We look forward to participating in the development of the Smart Energy Communities Scorecard and sharing our community energy planning experiences.” ~ Mayor Mark Heyck



QUEST - Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow is the voice of the Smart Energy Communities marketplace in Canada. Smart Energy Communities benefit from improved energy efficiency, enhanced reliability, lower costs, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. As an influencer, connector and educator, QUEST supports governments, utilities & energy providers, the real-estate sector, and solution providers to grow the Smart Energy Communities marketplace.

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