About Us


QUEST is the leader developing Smart Energy Communities that improve energy efficiency, enhance reliability, cut costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

With a national network that includes 8 provincial and regional Caucuses, their related working groups, and a reach of thousands of stakeholders, QUEST is supporting governments, utilities & energy service providers, the real-estate sector, and the product and professional service sector, among others to make Smart Energy Communities come to life.

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QUEST is a non-profit organization that conducts research, engagement, and advocacy to advance Smart Energy Communities in Canada by working with government, utilities, the energy industry, the real-estate sector, economic regulators, and the product and professional service sector.


Every community in Canada is a Smart Energy Community by 2030.

  • Getting to this end-state will require that 75% of Canadian are represented by a community energy plan (CEP) by 2018, reaching 100% by 2025, and that 100% of communities are focusing on becoming Smart Energy Communities by 2030.

Guiding Values

Objective: Independent, non-partisan and committed to the public interest.

Informative: Trusted, credible and balanced information on Smart Energy Communities.

Collaborative: Respectful and inclusive of the QUEST network.

Innovative: Inspiring Smart Energy Communities policy and transformation.